How to deal with pandemic and remote work/school?

picture credits: Erik Mclean (unsplash)

The past year has been genuinely testing times for all of us. I think we all can agree that we all thought it would just be a two-week break from our regular lives. However, that two-week break turned out to be a little longer than we all thought. Last year was very important to me because I started college and was moving on to the next chapter of my life, and with lockdowns that have been interrupted. It was around March 17, the lockdown officially began in Sydney, Australia, and I did not expect it to last long.

picture credits: Nick Morrison

Nevertheless, we are trying, and the shift moved to online classes and online learning. The sudden transition of environment came with the baggage of us not getting off our rooms. Hence we could be in a zoom meeting and bed at the same time! This concept was, at the time, exciting and comforting. The first few weeks of online classes were, in fact, enjoyable. It was way after that I realized that it is getting harder for me to get my regular exercise or even good social life because of online classes and lockdowns. There were also other problems like getting distracted, ending up doing other things in your room than actually doing your work.

I’m a firm believer in segregating your work/classes from your personal life. However, in this new life, there is no such segregation as most activities are done at home. The lack of detachment can lead to us being unproductive, as I experienced it myself. Currently, I prefer waking up a bit late and doing my work later the day as I don’t have to be anywhere as everything is virtual. This is a big deal for me, at least, because I am a big-time morning person. After a semester of online classes, I decided to change my routine to suit this new life that we are put in better.

picture credit: Jenny Hill

If you have read my previous article, you would know by now that I am a computer science student and I enjoy coding. Hence, this entails me spending quite a bit of my days time in front of the screen. Therefore, even when I am not in class, I am still on my laptop working on assignments or catching up on lectures. This kind of long screen hours is terrible not just for the eyes but also for your entire body. With no body movement, you get less blood circulation. How do we bring about fixing this? Here's what I did and suggest to do:

picture credit: Luke Chesser
  1. The number one thing that I would suggest to all would be to create a workout routine. And with the pandemic, going to the gym might not be an option. But do set aside an hour or even 30 minutes to work out, be it walking on a treadmill, lifting weights, or ground exercises. Here’s the thing with you sitting all day, your body will need to stretch, and hence do some workouts.
  2. The second thing I would suggest would be to start taking more breaks to walk around your room and get some air between your work/class. Probably do some eye exercises or a set of push-ups. This can help your body to have its break. Besides, this can be rewarding mentally.
picture credits: Christin Hume

3. Maintain a good posture. I know it can tempting to just lay in bed and attend your zoom calls with cameras off. I know it because I have tried it, and yes, it is very comforting. But your body is a temple. If you keep doing this, that’s not good for your back. So make sure you are sitting upright with an excellent posture. This can not only contribute to better health but also get help in actual work done.

In epitome, make sure that you try to exercise more often and keep moving with a positive life. With everything that’s happening currently, life can be a bit harder. Hence, try to follow a good schedule encompassing active lifestyle.

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